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Teaching your children to think and empowering them to serve.

Address: 2200 Country Hills Drive

 Antioch, CA 94509

Phone: (925) 778-0214 Website: www.hilltopcs.org Fax: 8332005796



Hilltop Christian School exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.



Hilltop Christian School is affiliated with the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  This institution does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin, and it extends an education to everyone who abides by its philosophy and governing policies.  Hilltop Christian School has the responsibility of following denominational guidelines based on an education that has the highest ideals. We also maintain a system of education in compliance with the regulations of the State of California.


Seventh-day Adventists recognize that God is the Creator and the sustainer of the earth and the entire universe.  Because of this basic assumption, we believe that all the common branches of learning, rightly taught and understood, point to God as the source of all truth.


God created man perfect in His own image.  However, because of sin, man lost his original estate.  It is the purpose of Christian education to restore in man the image of his Creator by perfecting faith in Christ, by promoting the harmonious developments of body, mind, and soul, and by preparing man for conscientious, unselfish service to his church and community.


Because we believe man to be God’s crowning act of Creation, Seventh-day Adventists accept as reality the biblical concept of man’s body as the temple of God.  Consequently, principles of health are emphasized in order that the student may more effectively carry out God’s



purpose, and that he may live the rewarding and abundant life promised in the scriptures to those who do His will.


Another aspect of having been created in the image of God is that every human being is “endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator- individuality, the power to think and to do…It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts.” Education p. 17.  The purpose of this school is to send forth young people “who possess breadth of mind, clearness of thought, and courage of conviction.” Education p. 17.


Like Christ, we are in this world to do service for God.  We are here to become like God in character, and by a life of service, to reveal Him to the world.  Seventh-day Adventists accept the challenge of training youth to be effective coworkers with God and of sharing with the world the knowledge of Christ’s imminent return.


Seventh-day Adventists believe that knowledge of a personal God can never be derived by human reason alone, but that God has communicated His nature, purpose, and plans through divine revelation.  The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God and contain the only unerring rule of faith and practice.

A true knowledge of God is to be the source; fellowship with Him in study, prayer, and service is to be means; and a likeness to Him in character is to be the aim of Seventh-day Adventist education.



To present Jesus Christ as a personal Savior.


To lead students to adopt scripturally-based Seventh-day Adventist philosophy, objectives, and standards which will become their mode of life.


To help students demonstrate a good understanding of the scriptures and be conversant with the doctrines of the church.


To see that students demonstrate understanding from a scriptural standpoint of the historical perspective of the religious, political, social, scientific, aesthetic, and economic forces which shape contemporary life.


To encourage mastery of basic academic skills in a Christ-centered classroom.


To teach students that all others are of infinite value, and are worthy of respect and friendship.


To teach students to practice and uphold wholesome social standards as demonstrated in exercising self-control and self-discipline, and by avoiding all forms of delinquency.


To provide opportunities for students to increase their self-esteem, to develop their leadership potential, and to know and practice health principles.


2019-2020 STAFF


Mekey Lepulu


Grades 7&8

Josh Keresoma


Grades 5&6

Tonya Greenwood


Grades 3&4

Luis Grados


Grades 1&2

Linda Cornell



Liliana Samuel



Rosalind Altheimer



Josh Keresoma


Admin. Assistant

Sherry Starr



Dena Vieira



Otillia Orozco



Hazel White



School Board

Don Amador---------------------------------School Board Co-Chair

Christina McGee----------------------------School Board Co-Chair

Mekey Lepulu--------------------------------Principal

Coreen Hicks---------------------------------NCC Representative

Dorothy Coker------------------------------   Preschool Director

Chalena Ramirez-----------------------------Preschool Treasurer 

Clarence Lewis-------------------------------  SDA Head Elder

Pastor Gabriel-------------------------------  SDA Church Pastor

Rosalind Altheimer--------------------------Home & School Chair

Dena Vieira ------------------------------------HCS Treasurer

Jorge Jimenez---------------------------------HCS Parent        

Philip Morgan----------------------------- SDA Church Parishioner

Elva Jackson--------------------------------SDA Church Parishioner








All students registering from other schools must present grade cards or other evidence showing satisfactory completion of the previous year’s work.  In addition, all students must be tested before being considered for enrollment.   Registration after the beginning of the school year will not be complete until satisfactory records are obtained from the previous school.  Kindergarteners must bring proof of age and must be age five by September 1.

 All new students are accepted on a nine-week probationary status.




All new students and all students entering Grade Seven must have a current physical examination.  A Medical Examination form is available for parents to give to the physician at the time of the appointment.  Physical examinations for students in Grade Seven must include a scoliosis exam and proof of T-DAP immunization.



We are interested in enriching your relationship and affiliation with Hilltop Christian School.  Parent Participation is designed to foster opportunities for our parents to get to know one another, and to support the mission of our school community.  Having this requirement as part of our school program allows us to work together and minimize additional expenses for the operation of our school.


Time Requirements (per academic year):

                        Two-parent family = 25 hours or $500

                        Single-parent family = 12.5 hours or $250



You will be charged $20 an hour for any hours which have not been served during the current year.  Vouchers are available from the school office and are often provided at events.  Each voucher must be signed by the HCS staff member in charge of the event or assignment.  Unsigned vouchers will not be credited.


Suggested Volunteer Opportunities:


Go on Field trips

Set up / assisting with graduation (8th grade)

Watch for handouts from teachers for other opportunities

Vespers (2hrs)

Hot Lunch

Back-to-School Night

Concert set-up/tear down (2hrs)






Hilltop Christian School is operated by the Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church under the auspices of the Northern California Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.



The school is open to all Seventh-day Adventist children and youth who wish to apply, and also, as room permits, to other children and youth who are not members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Acceptance is granted to those who desire a Christian education and agree to hold high the standards of conduct and thought.  Race, nationality, or creed are not factors in admission.



School Board meetings are held regularly throughout the year.  School board members are chosen by the Nominating committee of the Antioch Seventh-day Adventist Church.  By Seventh-day Adventist Church policy, only members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are eligible to be members of the School Board.  Items for School Board agendas may be suggested by any interested individual to the School Board Chairperson.  If you wish to attend a School Board meeting, please contact the School Board Chairperson or the Principal in advance of the meeting.



For families who hold a personal belief exemption to vaccinations, signed and dated prior to January 1, 2016, that exemption will continue to be valid until their next vaccination checkpoint, Kindergarten or 7th grade, even when transferring to or from another school. At their next vaccination checkpoint, Kindergarten or 7th grade, these students will need to receive all mandatory vaccinations unless they can provide a medical exemption-to-immunization letter, completed by a physician. Students who do not have a personal belief exemption form on file, prior to January 1, 2016, are required to receive all mandatory vaccinations. Students who will be in Kindergarten or 7th grade in the fall will need to have all mandatory vaccinations unless they can provide a medical exemption-to-immunization letter, completed by a physician. State law requires that any student entering school for the first time must furnish proof of having the required state vaccinations. Seventh-graders must show proof of receiving T-DAP booster immunization.



All students are covered by an accident insurance policy.  A copy of the policy is available at the school office.  All accidents must be reported immediately as no claims will be paid unless an accident report has been filed.



School begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m. (Monday through Thursday) or 2:00 p.m. (Friday)


Drop-off:  Cars should line up near the drop-off door and move on once the student is inside the school building.  No parking is allowed in the drop-off zone. If the parent needs to accompany the student, the parent must park in the parking lot.


Pick-up: Parents will receive a numbered Pick-up tag to hang on their visor and the student will receive a tag to clip on their back pack. Cars will line up and a staff member will call in with the number on the visor and have the student released to the car. No parking is allowed in the pick-up zone. 



Hot lunch is available for purchase at the cost of $5.00 on every Friday, excluding holiday and special events.  A cold lunch is recommended for Monday -Thursday as the lunch period is 30 minutes. It is important that the lunch size is appropriate for the time frame. Make sure you pack napkins, eating utensils, water, or water bottle.  Maximum microwave heat up time is 30 seconds.  No foods that require water and/or longer microwave time are allowed.



No student should arrive on campus before 7:00 a.m. Students who arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. must report to Room 5 and wait there with the extended care supervisor until the faculty pick them up at around 8:20 a.m.  After 8:20 a.m., students must report to their homeroom. There is a $3.75 charge from 7:00-8:00 am.


Students should leave school by 3:35 p.m. unless they are involved in an after-school club or program. Any student that is still on campus 15 minutes after school is dismissed who is not involved in a club or program will be sent to Extended Care. If a child is working in a teacher’s classroom after school they will be checked into extended care where charges will begin. Extended Care ends at 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.


Extended Care does not provide food, snacks or drinks. If your child will be in extended care, he/she should bring extra snacks/drinks to school for extended care.


The charge for afternoon care is $3.75 per hour. For Grades K- 8, we will cap the charges at $205 a month.  If you reach the cap, you may continue using Extended Care, but you will not be charged any more than the cap amount.



Food, drinks and other snacks are to be eaten in the school cafeteria. Water bottles are acceptable in the classroom. Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere on school grounds. Food/Snacks/Drinks are not permitted in gym; water is OK. 



If at all possible, schedule student appointments after school.  Students leaving early is a disruption to the classroom.  In addition, the student may miss important instructions, assignments and tests. Any student leaving school for any reason during the day must be signed out by a parent or guardian in the office. If someone other than the parent or guardian will be picking up, a photo id will be needed for pick-up.  Once on campus, students may not leave without permission from the office.



All individuals wishing to visit Hilltop Christian School must check in at the office. Please make prior arrangements with the office and the classroom teacher before visiting the school.


According to California State Law, absences are excused ONLY if the student is ill, has a verified medical or dental appointment, or if there is a death in the immediate family. All other reasons for absences will not be accepted. A maximum of 10% of the school year is allowed. If the student goes over the maximum days allowed, they will not be promoted to the next grade level.


It is very important for students not to be absent during the IOWA Test Weeks, September 16-27. Please do not schedule other appointments or trips for this time.


Students arriving at the school after 8:30 a.m. will need to check-in at the school office to receive a tardy slip. Students will not be allowed in class if they do not have a tardy slip upon arriving late.  If the student arrives 30 minutes late without a valid excuse three times during the school year per California Law the student is considered truant.  It’s important that your student arrives on time.  Late arrivals are disruptive to the class and the student may miss important information or instructions from the teacher. 


When a student has missed school for an excused absence, it is their responsibility to make up the school work missed. To receive credit for the work that the student has missed, it should be made up within the same amount of time that the student has been absent, e.g., if they missed one day, the work should be made up within one school day after they return to school, two days absent within two school days, etc. School work missed because of an unexcused absence cannot be made up.

Academic credit will not be given to any student whose absences, whether excused or unexcused, exceed 15 percent during any given semester unless otherwise voted by the faculty.


A prearranged absence requires a written request by the parent or guardian at least one week before the absence will occur. This request will be taken to the faculty for its approval or denial. Class work to be missed must be pre-arranged with the teachers. A maximum of five (5) prearranged absences are allowed during the school year. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the faculty.


The school office telephone is for school business. Occasional student use of the office phone for important calls is allowed when students have a note from their teacher. Students will not be allowed to use the school telephone to arrange after school “play dates” with friends.


Students are NOT allowed to use cell phones at HCS.  Students must turn in cell phones to their classroom teacher at the beginning of each school day. Cell phone calls may only be made to parent/guardian with the teacher's permission. Students must also be standing by a teacher when placing a phone call. Any cell phone being used without teacher permission will be confiscated and locked in the principal’s office until a parent comes to retrieve it.


Medications may be administered by school personnel. Self-administration of prescription or non-prescription drugs is not permitted. Any pupil who is required during the regular school day to take medicine prescribed for him by a physician may be assisted by designated school personnel if the school receives (1) a written statement from the physician detailing methods, amount, and the time schedules by which the medication is to be taken and (2) a written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil indicating the desire that the school assist the pupil in the matters set forth in the physician's statement.

Medication must be delivered to the school in the original container as delivered by the pharmacy and it must bear the original pharmacy label. This label must contain the name



and place of business of the seller, the serial number and date of such prescription, the name of the person for whom such drug is prescribed, and the name of the medical professional who prescribed the drug, and must also bear directions for use as prescribed.

Nonprescription medications (such as cough drops) must be delivered to the classroom teacher with a note specifying how and when the medication is to be administered.  The teacher will keep the medication in her office and will administer it according to those instructions.


Each student is expected to respect the property rights of the school and of every member of the school. A student is required to pay for damages done by him or her to the school's or someone else's property. The student should exercise the same care when using school property or supplies as if the article used were his or her own. The administration is always grateful when equipment which is out of order is reported at once so that needless waste and expense may be averted.

The school takes no responsibility for books, musical instruments, clothing, money or other personal property left by anyone on the school grounds or in the school buildings. Student insurance covers injuries only. It does not cover personal property loss either on campus or off campus. Parents must accept responsibility for their child's actions at school. This may include financial liability for damaged materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, and/or possessions of other students.






A report card for all students will be issued after each nine-week period. 



At the teacher's discretion, a student may receive an incomplete should any school work not be completed during the grading period. Should an incomplete be issued, the work missed must be made up within four weeks following the end of the grading period. If this is not done, the teacher will base the grade for that class on whatever work has been turned in.



Parent/Teacher conferences will be held in October and in April.  Notes will be sent home and appointments made with each teacher.  Parents will be able to choose between an afternoon or an evening appointment.  It is important for parents to be on time.  If a parent is more than 5 minutes tardy, the teacher may have to arrange for a different time for the appointment.  Parent-Teacher Conference Days are half-days of school ending at 12:30. Please make arrangements for students to be picked up early.  Any student still at the school at 12:45 will be sent to After-Care, and the parents will be charged accordingly.



This school was established for the purpose of giving a distinctly Christian-oriented education. This fact should be reflected in the conduct of the students attending here.

The operating principles of a Christian school require that students relate themselves respectfully to those in charge. It is understood that each member of the faculty has


disciplinary rights on the school grounds over any student. Disobedience or disrespect will not be tolerated.

School policies are applicable for all school functions, on and off campus.

While it is not practical to notify parents of every problem that may arise at school, they will be contacted by phone, e-mail, or postal mail of any problem judged serious enough to warrant notification.

Because some practices cannot be permitted in a Christian school, students who, in the judgment of the faculty, violate the rules and policies of the school, become liable for disciplinary action.

Whenever, in the judgment of the faculty, a student makes his connection with the school undesirable, for his own good or other students' good, the principal may recommend and the board may declare such a student no longer acceptable in the school.

Any regulation not included in the bulletin but publicly stated by the faculty is equal in effect to those published.



Experience has shown that there are some practices that should not be permitted in our schools. Since any Seventh-day Adventist school would not knowingly receive students who would offend in these practices, the first offense on the following points renders a student liable to serious discipline or to immediate dismissal from school:

  1. Disseminating atheistic ideas or undermining the religious ideals of the school
  2. Dishonesty, including theft, willful deception regarding violation of school regulations, cheating on examinations, class work, or in any phase of school business
  3. Use, possession, or supplying of drugs, alcoholic beverages, narcotics or tobacco in any form
  4. Using profane language, or indulging in lewd or suggestive conduct; possessing or displaying obscene literature, pictures, clothing, or such articles
  5. Continual and willful disrespect or disobedience to any member of the faculty
  6. Gambling or betting
  7. Improper or harmful conduct involving persons of the same or opposite sex
  8. Conspiracy or participation in hazing or initiations, bullying, or committing any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces a fellow student
  9. Willful destruction of school property or any form of vandalism
  10. Breaking locks, doors or windows in order to enter locked places; tampering with school locks, wiring or telephone wires
  11. Possession of firearms, firecrackers, or other explosives
  12. Leaving the campus without proper permission
  13. Being insubordinate by continual violation of any school regulation

Items may not be bought or sold among students.

Chewing gum is not permitted on campus or on school sponsored trips unless special permission is granted by the teacher.


Students are expected to dress in harmony with basic principles of health, modesty, appropriateness, and attractiveness.

Students are expected to follow all dress standards at any school-sponsored program whether or not they are participants.

The School Board has given the Principal, Mr. Lepulu, the authority to decide the appropriateness of dress and appearance of all students.

  •  Jewelry worn around the neck, on the wrist, on the ankle, or fingers is not permitted.  Stud earrings are allowed.
  • Tattoos of any kind are not permitted.
  • Hair is to be neatly groomed with no designs/words cut into hair and no Mohawk cut of any kind.  Students’ hair should remain its natural color throughout the school year.
  • Modest looking make-up and nail polish are allowed.
  • Hats and hoods are not to be worn in the school building.



UNIFORM TOP – short-sleeve or long-sleeve polo shirt (collar with 3 buttons) or button-down shirt (collar with buttons all the way down the front) School colors only – navy blue, red, burgundy, or white.


Student may wear a sweater or hoodless sweatshirt over the shirt.  The sweater or sweatshirt must be a solid uniform color (dark blue, red, burgundy or white, black) and must not have words or pictures on it. Special T-shirts for field trips will be provided at the beginning of the year and must be worn on all off-campus trips.  They may also be worn on Fridays.


UNIFORM BOTTOMS – long pants or shorts that come to the knee, skirts should be no more than two inches above the knee solid uniform-colored leggings can be worn under the skirt. Sweatpants will not be acceptable.  Multi-colored leggings will not be acceptable.  Pants of any sort cut to fit on the hips exposing the navel or tops of underclothes are unacceptable; pants are to be worn at the waist.
Blue jeans are worn on Fridays ONLY, with uniform shirts.  They must be neat, clean, and with NO holes in the fabric.

All shoes must cover the entire foot.  Flip-flops are not acceptable as school wear. Velcro shoes are recommended for grades K-2 as untied shoes are a safety hazard.


OUTERWEAR – Coats, hooded sweatshirts, hats or caps may be worn to school, but must be removed inside the school. Coats and hooded sweatshirts must be Grey, Navy Blue or Black with no wording.  The hat policy applies to girls as well as boys. 


  1. If your child comes to school without the proper uniform, he/she will be sent to the office to be given a loaner uniform. Loaner uniforms must be washed and returned the next day. Parent will also be notified via Facts.


  1. For the second offense students will be issued a demerit, will be sent to the office to change, and parent will be notified via Facts.


  1.  Third offense two demerits will be issued; student will be sent to the office to change, and parent will be notified.


  1.   Fourth offense students will be issued 2 demerits and parent will need to meet with school Principal prior to the student returning to class.







Grades 5-8 are required to wear the Hilltop logo PE uniform which can be purchased in the office.

Shoes must be athletic shoes that can be tied and can be worn in the gymnasium or on the field.





A good relationship between home and school requires good communication.  If this communication is to have a favorable outcome, it must be free of obstructions which may lend to misunderstandings and deteriorating relationships. We hope that the following guidelines will help in making your student's experience here more profitable.


Cooperation between parents and teachers will help provide positive educational experiences. When students perceive a spirit of mutual support and cooperation between parents and teachers, they will display a more eager attitude toward learning and achievement.


  1. Contact the teacher before drawing conclusions. Make sure you understand the situation thoroughly - get the full picture.
  2. Be sensitive to the personal needs of the teacher. Make your contact within reasonable hours (never during class time, at Church, etc.)
  3. Expressing negative opinions or judgments about a teacher in the presence of your child undermines confidence in the teacher and affects your child's relationship with the teacher.
  4. Talk with the teacher about your problem privately. You should talk to the teacher before speaking to the principal.
  5. Be patient. Allow some time for the resolution of the problem by the teacher, student, and/or principal. Establish with the teacher a mutually agreed upon time limit to review the progress. Stay in contact.
  6. Remember that while the teacher sees your child from a different perspective than you, she also desires your child to succeed as much as you do.




In keeping with the mandates of our Christian values, Hilltop Christian School will promote positive interpersonal relationships through:

  1. Respect for God.
  2. Respect for others and self, which includes encouraging words and modeling positive behavior.
  3. Respect for property whether personal or public

It is our understanding that any behaviors outside of these guidelines will be deemed unacceptable and will not be permitted.

Plans for dealing with inappropriate behavior (including bullying)

  1. Understanding there are 3 levels of inappropriate behavior, which include, but are not limited to:

Level 1 – Minor Infractions:

Teasing, taking someone’s ball, disrespect for others, gum chewing, eating in class, etc.

Level 2 – Serious Infractions:

Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, bullying, loitering (without supervision), swearing, repeated dress standard violations, etc.

Level 3 – Severe Infractions (see “Specific Standards of Conduct”)

  1. Discipline reports (demerit), will be written when a staff member observes inappropriate behavior.   Each discipline report will include a copy for the student to take home and have signed by parents to be returned to the teacher.

Level 1 (minor infraction) is worth 1 demerit,

Level 2 (serious infraction) is worth 2 demerits, and

Level 3 (severe infraction) results in immediate referral to the Administration.

More than 5 demerits may result in suspension, withdrawal from school, or School Board requested expulsion.

Olweus Bullying Definition: “Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean and hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself”.

Bullying may be physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual in nature.  For example:

Physical bullying includes punching, poking, strangling, hair pulling, beating, biting, and excessive tickling.

Verbal bullying includes such acts as hurtful name-calling, teasing and gossip.

Emotional bullying includes rejecting, terrorizing, extorting, defaming, humiliating, blackmailing, rating/ranking of personal characteristics such as race, disability, ethnicity, or perceived sexual orientation, manipulating friendships, isolating, ostracizing and peer pressure.

Sexual bullying includes many of the actions listed above as well as exhibitionism, voyeurism, sexual propositioning, sexual harassment and abuse involving actual physical contact and sexual assault.

If at any time you feel that your child is a victim of or witnesses any inappropriate behavior, we encourage you to contact the school immediately.





5 % -- Year's tuition paid in advance

10% -- second student from the immediate family

20% – third student from the immediate family

50% – fourth student from the immediate family


Payments are broken down into 10-month (August through May) payment plans.  The first payment is due at registration.  Tuition includes registration fee, book costs and all field trips except the 8th grade class trip. Overnight field trip cost is included in the monthly tuition for 5th-8th grade students. Student accounts are due on the 15th of each month and if not paid by the 15th the account will receive a $40 late penalty.




per year

per month


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd- 4th Grades

5th- 8th Grade











Members of Seventh-day Adventist Churches whose tithes and offerings subsidize the school system as part of its mission get a $40 per month discount on the listed price and members of the Antioch SDA Church that directly subsidizes Hilltop Christian School get a $60 per month discount.



Students withdrawing from school will have their school charges recalculated according to the number of days of actual enrollment. If the school is not informed of the student’s withdrawal, tuition charges will remain in place until the school receives official notification from the parent or guardian.